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Our vision is to connect people to the benefits of aromatherapy through our organic products and empower them with everyday habits that improve their inner harmony.


  • Most people work a minimum 40-hour week, or 2,000 hours at work each year.
  • It is a well-known fact that stress and burnout in the workplace is a serious and continuing problems.
  • More and more, the expectation is falling on companies to support employee well-being and foster habits that create a psychologically safe environment.


Documented studies show that our sense of smell has a significant physiological effect on mood, stress, and working capacity. 

~Terra Mi’ makes the beneficial practices of aromatherapy available to employees likely to experience high levels of stress  and burnout.

Using the combined knowledge of an experienced aromatherapist and psychologist, we carefully create optimal workshops to foster a productive and healthy work environment.


  • Achieving Targets
  • Managing Conflicting Priorities
  • Challenging Conversations


We would love to provide you the opportunity to gift your employees the key to improved wellbeing and productivity.


The Department of Health states that health is the top thing people say matters to their wellbeing. Healthy working conditions are now deemed as the standard for companies as opposed to simply an employee perk .

Collaborating with ~Terra Mi’s guarantees premium quality organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. Coupled with our carefully curated employee boost workshops you will be on your way to improving employee productivity and reducing stress levels in no time.

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