About us

~Terra Mi' was founded by Rocchetta Galifi, a Certified Aromatherapist, and Coaching Professional.

Although created in 2020, the journey began years ago during a difficult time in her life.Everyday felt like an uphill battle with no escape in sight. With trouble sleeping, eating poorly, drowning in work and experiencing burnout she constantly felt sick to her stomach with stress and crippling anxiety.Not knowing who to turn to and desperate about saving her mental and emotional wellbeing she woke up one morning and booked a one way ticket to Asia.Fortunately during her travel she met a spiritual Yogi who shared the knowledge and benefits of essential oils.This sparked a chain reaction that led her to daily use of the oils to help manage her stress levels both at work and in her personal life. The vast improvement to her mental health encouraged her to qualify as an aromatherapist and help change the life of others.Her vision is to make the beneficial practices of aromatherapy available to people experiencing high levels of stress and burnout in the workplace.

Now partnering with her other half, Ore Ajakaiye (qualified coach, psychologist, and founder of The Fierce Feminine Rising Podcast), they are able to combine their expertise to create workplace wellbeing solutions that actually work.

They are making a difference in the wellbeing space by combining the strength of community with the power of nature.The passion to connect people to the benefits of aromatherapy through organic products while also empowering them with everyday habits that improve their inner harmony is what makes ~Terra Mi' unique.

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